Monday, January 26, 2015

AQS Quilt Week

"The Quilters are coming! The Quilters are coming!" this is a familiar phrase we've heard in Lancaster every spring for the past 5 years. The AQS Quilt Show hosts its annual show here in Lancaster and the influx of quilters (both men and women) is just amazing.
Most just want a one-way ticket directly from their hotels to the Convention Center -do not pass 'go', do not collect $200. However, the smart ones, the ones that really want to make an event out of the whole thing, are the ones that choose to stay at a Bed & Breakfast. These are the visitors who know that there's so much more to Lancaster than the floor of the Convention Center, the shuttle and their sterile hotel room. These are the visitors who take time to enjoy all that Lancaster County has to offer above and beyond the main reason for their visit.
We hope you're one of those visitors. Come and stay with us!

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