Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why do they call it the Dog Days of Summer?

One quick look on Wikipedia succinctly answers this question. These days, usually between July 1 and September 1 in the Northern Hemisphere, are the hottest, most sultry days of summer. So named by the Romans who believed that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, was somehow responsible for the hot weather.
Well, it's a good thing that those ol' Romans were so superstitious. These days, the Dog Days are utilized as an perfectly legitimate reason to celebrate just about anything...department stores, grocery stores and factory outlets use it as a reason to have sales; car dealerships mark down vehicles to clear out for the next year's models. And this year, we here at the Australian Walkabout Inn Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster, PA are using it as a theme for our Buy 2 Nights, Get the 3rd Night FREE special!! Book here NOW!

So, what's there to do in Lancaster for 3 days in the middle of the summer, you might ask. Plenty! Museums - Music - Dinner and a Movie - First Friday Downtown - Spend some time in the Park - Maybe you like Gardens? - Dinner Theatres? - or Music in the Vineyards?
Is shopping your thing? Good Food Outlet Store; Rockvale Outlets; Tanger Outlet Center; Wilton Armetale Factory Store just to name a few. We have hot air balloon rides, Zip Lines; Trail rides; hiking; scooter rentals; biking and pretzel twisting! And you Must, MUst, MUST do a Red Rose Segway tour of the downtown area!!! We've got coupons here for you for many of these activities, so they're not only a lot of fun, they're a great deal, too!!

These are but a few of the activities here in Lancaster County. I could go on for paragraphs! Check out our visitors' bureau website for itinerary ideas!! We hope you come and stay at least 3 days with us. There's so much to do here in Lancaster, not only during the Dog Days of Summer, but year round!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime in Lancaster County

Well spring is officially here, at least that's what my calendar says. Although the nights have been quite chilly lately, the days have been warm and sunny. The leaves on the trees are bursting with all-encompassing color and my porch is green!

Actually, my front porch is painted red, but all the pollen in the air makes it look a sickly shade of green even if I hose it off each day. But that's alright, the pollen is a sign that summer is on the way! I love the change in seasons and I'm one of those people fortunate enough NOT to have to deal with seasonal allergies.

We lived in South Florida for 4 years. At first, I was quite excited to be in a place where it's summer all the time. But it got old really fast. I missed the change in seasons - the leaves changing color in the fall, spring crocuses and daffodils. After about 2 years, I even missed snow and I didn't think that was even possible! I grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania where winters can be long and harsh thanks to that lake-effect snow.

The thing I missed most was my ritual of spring planting! When I was a kid, my grandmother had two greenhouses. She grew and sold all kinds of plants, especially geraniums. I still think of her when I smell those plants. Now, as an innkeeper, I take great pride and joy making the grounds look fabulous! And, since Grandma's green thumb seems to have found its way to my hand, things around The Australian Walkabout Inn look pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

I'm now fortunate enough to live in one of the most fertile places in the country...well, in regards to the soil, that is. And, we have the most wonderful greenhouses around with good prices, spectacular selection and friendly, helpful people.

When you're looking for bountiful plants, trees and shrubs, you'll find them here in Lancaster County. Ask me about my favorite places. See you soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Big Lancaster Meltdown!

Well, the big snows here in Lancaster County, PA are over (hopefully) and the temps will be reaching almost 40 this week, so that means things are going to start thawing out. In fact, while I was writing this, a huge bunch of snow slid off my roof and disconnected my cable! So, where there is melting snow, there is mud; and where there is mud, that means it must be time for the Amish Mud Sales!

What are Mud Sales, you might ask. No, they're not retailing dirt and water mixtures. Wikipedia doesn't even define the term. The words are used to describe annual auctions or sales at local fire companies (though some churches and communities host them, too). They're so popular that they're held outdoors, often in the thawing fields - hence the term Mud Sale. And with all the snow melting, there's sure to be plenty of mud, so bring your boots!!

No matter which one you decide to attend, we'll be here to make your stay in Lancaster a memorable one! Book your stay at the Australian Walkabout Inn. We'll be happy to provide a restful place for you to relax after a long day at the sales.
Here's a list of some local sales that you might want to put on your itinerary:

Feb 25-26 Rawlinsville Farm Equipment & Auction 8:30am
Rawlinsville Fire Company
33 Martic Heights Dr. Holtwood 717-284-3943
Feb 26th - Farm equipment
Feb 27th - Antiques, antique tractors, etc.

Feb 27 Strasburg Spring Consignment & Mud Sale 8am
Strasburg Frie Co. #1
46 W. Main St. Strasburg 717-687-7232
Furniture, antiques, quilts, crafts, livestock, homemade goodies

March 6 45th Annual Bart Township Auction/Mud Sale (This is a BIG one!) 8:30am
Bart Fire Co.
11 Furnace Rd. Quarryville 717-786-3348
Antiques, quilts, furniture, equipment, hay & straw, livestock, tools, crafts, food

March 13 Gordonville Spring Mud Sale 8:30am
Gordonville Fire Co.
Old Leacock Rd 717-768-3869
Quilts, antiques, collectibles, furniture, farm equipment, livestock

March 20 4th Annyal Penryn Fire Co. Mud Sale 8:30 am
Penryn Fire Co #1
1441 N. Penryn Rd. Penryn, 717-665-4767
Wood crafts, furniture, antiques, quilts, crafts, farm equipment

March 27 Gap Annual Spring Mud Sale 8am
Gap Fire Company
802 Pequea Ave. Gap 717-442-8100
Carriages, buggies, wagons, furniture, quilts, crafts, dry goods, groceries
April 3 Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire Company Mud Sale 7am
Robert Fulton Fire Company
2271 Robert Fulton Hwy. Peach Bottom 717-548-8995
Crafts, plants, tools, antiques, furniture, food, livestock

An even more comprehensive listing can be found here.