Monday, April 30, 2012

Local Flowers

I LOVE plants! Each spring, I can hardly wait to get out and start digging in my window boxes, hanging baskets and flower beds. This year, because of the warmer weather we had early in April, the urge hit sooner than usual, but inside projects were still not complete and there were guests to attend to. So, the first opportunity I got to pull on my garden gloves and get out my tools was late last week.

This year, I approached things a little differently. For the past few years, I've gone 'nursery hopping' with fellow innkeepers from the Artist's Inn, Flowers & Thyme and The Harvest Moon. However, due to crazy schedules, we weren't able to get together this year. So, I was on my own. Time and budget were important factors to consider.

A few miles away from The Australian Walkabout Inn is a little place called Perfect Pots Container Gardens. Yes, it's a nursery and greenhouse like so many multitude of others here in Lancaster County, but it's just a little different. Not only is it locally owned and operated, but it provides a service like no other place that I know of. I actually took my hanging baskets and window boxes into the shop, filled them there with the plants suggested by owner Laura Lapp, and brought them home. Laura even supplied some extra potting soil, fertilizer and insect repellent. Best of all, I got to leave the mess behind (ok I did clean up after myself - habit, you know) I brought my wonderful creations home this morning after Laura kept them safe from the threatening frosty night temps over the weekend.

You can even drop your containers (pots, baskets, boxes, whatever!) at Perfect Pots Container Gardens and Laura will fill them for you, while keeping in mind the light and watering requirements, desired color presentation and, most importantly, your budget.

Recently, we joined the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce's Think Local initiative. By joining, we've agreed to:
  • Think local first before making purchases;
  • Employ local people;
  • Contribute to the local tax base; 
  • Support the local community
I can't think of a better way to support my local community! I get beautiful accents for my B&B AND I get the satisfaction of knowing that I helped someone else put dinner on their table. Thank you, Laura!