Monday, March 25, 2013

Mountains of Towels!!

Hi! It's Joey again. Today I'm helping Lynne fold towels. It's Monday, so there is lots and lots (and LOTS) of laundry!

The 'fold' is very important. There's a lot to think about. Separate types of towels - hand towels, bath sheets, spa towels, washcloths, makeup washcloths and bath mats. Each of these things has a specific area where it has to go on the shelf. If it's not folded properly, it won't fit on the shelves and it's not fun having to run all around the inn looking for things when they're not where they should be!
Now, this shelf might not look too organized, but in this space, everything has it's place! In this picture, I'm sitting in the basket that holds the washcloths and the bathrobe ties. These items go in a basket because they tend to get too messy sitting on the shelf outside of the basket.

Our innsitter, Anne of Two Hearts Innsitting is very impressed with our linen storage!

Next week...sheets!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Remote-ly Overwhelmed

Hi! I'm Joey. I'm the little kangaroo who usually lives in the Barossa Suite here at the Walkabout Inn. Lately, though, I've been out and about...getting into things like mischievous inn mascots are prone to do. Today I went around and counted all the remote controls. There are 13. And over 2 dozen batteries (AA and AAA) are needed to keep them operating in perfect order.

Keeping up with the technology of innkeeping is hard work. There are 5 televisions and 5 accompanying DVD players and 4 cable converter boxes. Not only do these things attract dust like magnets, but it seems that they all have different settings and quirks that you have to know in order to make them do what they're intended to do when they need to do it.

Just one more item on the 'to do' list of innkeeping. I'm hoping that you'll join me as I see what else there is around here to get into.