Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh, Sheet!

Joey again...last week, I explained the importance of folding all the towels just right so they fit on the shelf (hey, that elf has got nothing on me!) So, this week, I thought I'd move on to sheets. Most of the beds in the inn are queen sized. The Outback Cottage has a king-sized bed.

Regardless of the size, we have some really NICE sheets! Folding sheets is an acquired skill. The folding of the fitted sheet is very important. The fitted sheet then gets matched with its flat sheet and they're placed on the shelf in a nice, neat stack - all ready for taking to the guest rooms and putting on the beds.  One of our time-saving tips - the sheets for the king bed are either gold or chocolate brown so that they can found easily.

Pillow cases are ironed. Why? This is one of the little, unexpected 'extras' at our inn. We have certain parameters in between which everything must fall. Everything that the guest experiences must be just a little more special than what they might have for themselves at home (not many people iron their own pillow cases) but not TOO far out there that anyone feels intimidated (think of that really frilly hand towel that you see at Bed, Bath and Beyond that you think is pretty, but won't buy because if you did, you'd be afraid to use it).

So, after all the ironing and folding is done, and it's all placed neatly on the shelf, it's time to move on to other chores.

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